Emblem for a Secret Society Pendant

Emblem for a Secret Society Pendant
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Sterling silver, 1.5" (38 mm) width

The design of this pendant is based on Giger's 1967 sculpture. The original wall sculpture measured 63 x 80cm and was produced, at first, in polyested, then later in metal. This background information is provided only to explain the design origins of this pendant, which is also available as a beautiful


belt-buckle and as a ring. There were only a few pieces produced of the original sculpture and for those of you thinking of trying to find one, I wish you the best of luck ;-) 


*Please note, that all items are normally cast to order. As the shop needs a quantity number, it states that we have the items in stock. That might be true in some occasions, but please allow us for a longer shipping time, if the item has to be cast upon your order request.


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