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Emblem for a Secret Society Belt Buckle

Emblem for a Secret Society Belt Buckle
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Emblem for a Secret Society Belt Buckle Stering silver, 3" (7.5 cm) width

The design of this belt-buckle is based on Giger's 1967 sculpture. The original wall sculpture measured 63 x 80cm and was produced, at first, in polyested, then later in metal. This background information is provided only to explain the design. 

Emblem for a Secret Society Ring - Sterling silver

Origins of this pendant, which is also available as a beautiful pendant and as a ring.P.S.There were only a few pieces produced of the original sculpture and for those of you thinking of trying to find one, I wish you the best of luck ;-)

*Please note, that all items are normally cst to order. As the shop needs a quantity number, it states that we have the items in stock. That might be true in some occasions, but please allow us for a longer shipping time, if the item has to be manufactured upon your order request.


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