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Birth Machine Baby Aluminum

Birth Machine Baby Aluminum
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Birthmachine Baby, 1998
Limited Edition of 23 
in Aluminum 23" x 9" (58 x 23 cm)

The Birthmachine is H.R. Giger's artistic manifestation of his belief that the greatest threat to our civilization is the approaching overpopulation of the planet. The inspiration for the Birthmachine sculpture and the 'Bullet Babies' is the 1967 pen and ink Giger artwork "Birthmachine", a cut-away image of a fully loaded Walther pistol.

Birth Machine - 1967Available for adoption in either bronze or aluminum, the limited edition Birthmachine Babysculptures sit inside the shell of a 9mm Luger casing. The bottom surface of the sculpture is finished to look like a real bullet and is marked '9MM GIGER', along with the artist's signature and the edition number.

Production time for a Birthmachine Baby usually requires 8 weeks from receipt of 50% deposit.

CALL TO PLACE AN ORDER. Do not attempt to order the Birthmachine Baby through the webstore. Prior communication and written confirmation is required via email. You will be requested to make the 50% deposit directly to the foundry.

Our foundry, one of the best in the world, is located in Upstate New York in the USA. If you live in New York sculptures may be picked up to avoid the additional charges for crating & Shipping.

The price of other high priced limited edition sculptures are available on request.

*Please note that all sculptures are cast to order. As the shop needs a quantity number, it states that we have the items in stock. That is NOT the case for ANY of the sculptures, so please allow us for the longer shipping time.


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